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When will you have new designs?

We always have new designs under development, our next shipment we are hoping to receive early 2019 with many new designs

Where are you heading next in your mobile shop?

Check out the Latest Update section of our page to see where we are heading next, you can also sign up to our newsletter to be emailed updates.

Where are your boots made?

Our boots are all hand made in Mexico. Mexico make fantastic quality boots and ours are no exception

Why aren’t Kader boots made in Australia?

Having our boots made in Australia was not a feasible option. We are very happy with our current manufacturer in Mexico who makes the highest quality of boots.

Will Kader Boot Co sponsor me or my event?

Sponsorship decisions are made many months in advance. Please email detailed sponsorship requests to for our consideration.

Does Kader Boot Co make custom boots?

Sorry, we do not offer this.

When will Kader Boots be stocked in western stores?

We are looking to stock selected western stores in the future. We don’t have a set date for this as yet.