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Our Story

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Makers of
western boots.

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Uniquely Australian

From its conception, Kader® Boot Co’s mission has been simple. To provide high quality ethically crafted western boots with an Aussie flair to the market.

The name ‘Kader’® comes from the name of our driving and creative force – Kara Lauder. Kara and her husband Nathan manage the brand with 3 kids in tow from the Western Australian outback town, Paraburdoo.

By no means has Kader® Boot Co been an overnight success. Developing the perfect boot has taken years of research, testing and sleepless nights. Each of our designs are dreamed up by Kara, mostly at about 1am when trying to rock kids to sleep. We take pride in the products we have created and are continually looking for ways to improve.

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Visit us in Bridgetown

While we started in Paraburdoo, in outback Western Australia in a region called the Pilbara. We have now moved to Bridgetown in the south west. We’re open Saturday's but can occasionally open up on request at other days/times. 

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