Men’s Southern Cross Square Toe
Men’s Southern Cross Square Toe

Men's Southern Cross Square Toe, Rubber Sole

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Size 6
Width EE

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The genuine cow’s leather for this design comes in many shades, with natural flecks throughout it. Due to this each pair is unique to another. If you would like exact photos of the pair of boots you are wanting to buy, please contact us with the exact size and width you are after. These boots are made with a thick cow leather. The Southern Cross is cut out into the leather on the shaft on the front and back.

To measure the length your foot, first place a ruler flat on the ground. Line up your heel at the end of the ruler. Measure your foot from your heel to your big toe. Then, simply use our size chart below to calculate your size.

*Length is approximate. We offer returns on unworn boots if you need to change sizes.